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California may be seeing safer roads in 2007 and Hybrid/Electric Vehicle owners will soon be able to take advantage of the carpool lanes while driving solo.
To summarize it, here are a few of the bigger changes to the California Road Rules in 2007 :

  1. Carpool lane violations will be more strictly enforced – Violation in the Carpool lane has increased to a minimum of $341.
  2. 10,000 additional “Carpool Lane for Single Driver” stickers will be permitted to drivers of hybrid and electric vehicles who’s applications are approved.
  3. Passengers must wear seatbelts – Passengers over the age of 18, who are not using seat belts, will cause the driver and themselves to receive a ticket.
  4. No “Trunking” (riding in the trunk) – Both driver and “Trunking” Passenger will receive Fines and Point(s) on their driving record.
  5. Cell phone use while driving is STILL LEGAL in California until July 1st, 2008 – By then, you should already have and be using hands-free devices.
  6. Jail for road racers – Reckless driving or engaging in a “speed contest” on the road that results in injury to anyone other than himself/herself will mean jail for 30 days to 6 months.

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I’m writing this from my Palm Treo on the website because my power decided to go on and off a couple times and i’ve been too lazy to get a new UPS. I wouldn’t recommend viewing wordpress using a Palm Treo. I haven’t had the chance to setup the e-mail feature yet. Anyways, the power is on right now but I am afraid that it will turn off again and maybe destroy a sector on my RAID array. It has been quite windy in Irvine lately. The wind may have something to do with the power glitch. But for now, I need to get my car out of the garage so I can get to work if something goes wrong with the power again.


So last week, I showed a co-worker of mine how to apply Arctic Silver and explained to him how you are supposed to use very little. I made sure that he knew how little to use by repeating it a few times then telling him some more and did I mention he was watching me?

Anyways, one day when I wasn’t at the office, I asked him to help me troubleshoot a server. I thought that it might be a CPU that went bad so I asked him to try each one (dual processor motherboard) individually which of course, meant that he would have to remove the processors which in turn leads to cleaning and re-applying the thermal compound (See “How to apply Arctic Silver.”)

Before applying Arctic Silver 5

Before you apply Arctic Silver 5 on your CPU make sure you clean your heat sink thoroughly. I personally prefer to use ArctiClean because it is the quickest way to get rid of that pesky thermal pad. If you don’t have ArctiClean, you can always pick up some isopropyl alcohol at your local grocery store. ArctiClean

Who will find this useful? You will find this article useful if this is your first time using Arctic Silver 5, or if you finally got around to replacing your good ole’ AMD Thunderbird (1.33mhz) CPU with one of those shiny new Dual Core AMD64 (or Intel Core 2 Duo if you swing that way) processors and you are just looking for a refresher course.

This article will go over the steps you should take prior to applying thermal compound to your CPU like removing the thermal pad which comes with most stock heat sinks, and cleaning and preparing your CPU. If you know how to do this, you can skip ahead to the next step: How to apply Arctic Silver 5 to your CPU

Canon HV-10 Camcorder review

I have been lagging on my Canon HV-10 HD Camcorder review mostly because I use it more as a digital camera than a camcorder. I would have to say that it is a pretty good digital camera as long as you don’t have a shaky hand.
Canon HV10 3.1MP High-Definition MiniDV Camcorder with 10x Optical Zoom
A few specs on the Canon HV10:

  • 2.96mp CMOS Image Sensor
  • High-Definition MiniDV Camcorder
  • 10x Optical Zoom

Building :: Taken with Canon HV-10 Company Directory :: Taken with Canon HV-10 Office :: Taken with Canon HV-10

View more photos I have taken using the Canon HV-10 on my flickr page.