How NOT to apply Arctic Silver 5

So last week, I showed a co-worker of mine how to apply Arctic Silver and explained to him how you are supposed to use very little. I made sure that he knew how little to use by repeating it a few times then telling him some more and did I mention he was watching me?

Anyways, one day when I wasn’t at the office, I asked him to help me troubleshoot a server. I thought that it might be a CPU that went bad so I asked him to try each one (dual processor motherboard) individually which of course, meant that he would have to remove the processors which in turn leads to cleaning and re-applying the thermal compound (See “How to apply Arctic Silver.”)

He called me back a few HOURS later and told me that it still wouldn’t work. I told him to just leave it and I will take a look later. When I got to the office and removed the CPU’s, I actually started laughing. It was one of those laughs where your eyes get all wide and usually ends in some sort of erratic behavior like yelling “SUMINABLUNNAH!!” Since a picture is worth a thousand words…here are some pics of How NOT to apply Arctic Silver 5.

WARNING! The following pictures are examples of applying WAY too much Arctic Silver 5.

CPU with too much thermal compound Heatsink with too much thermal compound

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