Matt Cutts gets hacked and Google offers free Wireless Internet!

Earlier today, I saw a post saying that Matt Cutts’ blog got hacked. I checked it out and sure enough:

Matt Cutts Gets Hacked

Matt Cutts Gets Hacked2

(Dark SEO and Matt Cutts supposedly don’t get along. I guess I have’t been following long enought to know much of the details on this.)

Since it is April Fools day, I didn’t think anything of it. But later on, I was checking out my Personalized page where I have setup a couple useful gadgets that help keep me updated on a couple different things including Matt Cutt’s blog. After reading a couple of his most recent blog posts, I became convinced that this was an April Fool’s Day joke. For those of you who don’t have Matt Cutts in your feed readers, I have a screenshot:
Matt Cutts Setup for April Fools Day

On a related note, it seems like the people over at Google have a pretty good sense of humor.
Google Free Home Wireless called Teaspoon
I didn’t want to ruin it, so that is all I am going to give you.
check it out

I did a quick search for “Matt Cutts gets hacked” and found that there were a number of other April Fool’s Day pranks that they played on the world. Here is a forum post dedicated to the April Fools Jokes of 2007

So what do you think? April Fools? or Matt Cutts needs to restore from backup?

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