Jason Stone ponders selling domain name…

A post I read a while back has left me pondering, would anyone want to buy jason-stone.com? Every once in a while, I take a look to see if I even come up anymore when I run a search on Jason Stone. A couple months ago, if you did a search on the name “Jason Stone” you would have seen Cluttered Thoughts (which is what I originally called my blog) and the blog of a Windsurfer. It looks like I have completely disappeared off of the face of the search engine (not quite, on Google, I still come up as number 100), but it also looks like hundreds of other people with the name Jason Stone have popped up out of nowhere. You could probably find a Jason Stone in every industry. A couple industries that us Jason Stone’s are interested in would be:

Live Entertainment
Game Development

After seeing all of these websites, I am starting to feel a little bad considering I own JasonStone.name, Jason-stone.com and another name related to mine. So I am asking if there is a Jason Stone out there who wants to have their name for their domain name (jason-stone.com). If so, leave me a comment on this post, if not, I will assume that no one wants to buy it.

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  1. maybe intrested in the domain name,but how much would you like?

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