UTW plugin acting funny

Anyone who subscribes to my feed may notice old posts being updated. It is because I need to re-tag everything.

I decided to completely start over with the UTW plugin to see if it would fix the problems I have been having with my tags.

To start over, I deactivated the plugin and deleted the plugin folder.
Then I went into the MySQL database and deleted the tables that UTW makes along with some other entries that I noticed in one of the WordPress tables.

UTW Tables I deleted were:

  • wp_tags
  • wp_post2tag
  • wp_tag_synonyms

Since I had exported the tags to custom fields in WordPress, I had to delete those entries which resided in the “wp_postmeta” table.

So, cross your fingers and wish me luck. Here we go….

I really hope this fixes everything.

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  1. Tags still don’t work….sigh…

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