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You may be wondering what happened to the MyBlogLog Recent Visitors Widget. Well, I replaced it with the MyAvatars plugin. Unlike the MyBlogLog widget, MyAvatars displays your avatar only when you leave comments. Just make sure you use your URL and/or the e-mail address you have provided to MyBlogLog. View how the MyAvatars plugin looks.

So, don’t forget to leave lots of comments because for every comment you make, your avatar is displayed.


If you ever read the WordPress News updates on the dashboard, you may have noticed a post from Weblog Tools Collection that many of the WordPress plugins on the GaMerZ website have been updated to work with WordPress 2.2. I was pretty excited to hear this news because they have so many useful plugins that I use. One of the plugins (wp-polls) lets you place polls directly on your blog. As people place votes, the answers get tallied and you get to view them on a graph.

I installed the plugin and setup the Poll Results Archive page. After reading the documentation, I just found out you can easily include specific polls in a post. Example code usage to add a poll to your post:

Should I show Twitter updates in my RSS feed?

View Results

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Easy huh? This is what it looks like:

Update Feb. 1, 2008:

I no longer have this plugin installed because I hardly ever used it.