Social Networks for 07-30-2007

Useful resources related to Social Networking:

Twitter – What are you doing?
Social Networking site that lets you follow updates of fellow twitter people or “twits” that you think are interesting. You can receieve twitter updates through their website, Instant messages, text (SMS) or one of the many user generated tools.

Social Networking for bloggers with widgets and useful visitor statistics tracking

“Web Directory” meets “Social Networking” for bloggers

Communities of niche bloggers looking to meet other related niche bloggers

SpicyPage – The best of the web at a glance.
Share blogs or post articles, make comments, vote for blogs or articles you enjoy.


  1. I like MyBlogLog for the community aspect. The others are more like a list service with messaging. It would be nice to see a map of blogs based on how well they match. Rating and user opinion is nice, but I like to find other bloggers like me.

    BeachBum Michael

  2. Mybloglog is the first place that I didn’t feel like I was butting in. I give the others a go anyway though!

  3. All great…don’t forget StumbleUpon, though – great site for traffic for blogs.

  4. Thanks for the links. I have tried them all except for spicypage, where I’m heading next. All of the others have really increased traffic to my blog.

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