Fire in Santiago Canyon-Irvine, Orange County

The fires are very close to the apartments & condos where all of my brothers live. I think 1 of them is in a voluntary evacuation area. The other two will probably be asked to leave very soon.

Update: Fire got out of hand. One Brother located near Pioneer and Jamboree has evacuated. He was also forced to close his office in Irvine due to health conditions.† I am waiting for the word from either of my 2 brothers who are located near Irvine Blvd and Jamboree to help them move stuff if needed.

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Jason Rosenberg has compiled a list of resources on the Orange County Fires†

Joe Maller is trying to gather some more Information about the fires in Irvine.

skell posted a short video of the Irvine fires on YouTube.

Joel Sax posts thoughts on the fire in Irvine including weather expectations for the next couple of days.

The OC Register has also reported on the fires in Orange County.

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