speeding down a moonlit freeway

To clear up any confusion: That bright thing in the top right of the photo is the moon. I know it looks like the sun, but it’s actually the moon.

speeding down a moonlit freeway

Another photo from the middle lanes of the freeway. There are more light trails from the cars in this photo than the one in my moonlit freeway. The reason why I didn’t like this shot was because you can’t read the “Jamboree Rd. Next Exit” sign as well and the moon is blocked by the chain link fence.
speeding down a moonlit freeway2

I didn’t use Photoshop this time because i don’t like the way it strips all of the important EXIF data.


  1. haha i like the 2nd pic of the free way..the slightly blurred fence brought attention to the clearer back ground..being the focus..nice..
    most of ur pics are very clear.. i think it shoulds have a little fade in terms of distance to bring out the focus haha…

  2. really great pictures…I was shocked when I read it was actually the Moon, but I guess the Sun wouldn’t be that high in the sky at nighttime…very interesting dynamic

  3. thanks for the feedback.

  4. I have a question for anyone who might know the answer:

    Is it possible to take a photo showing the light trails from cars while still getting a clear (not overexposed) shot of the moon; without using the double exposure trick?

  5. Wow…those are great shots! It isn’t every day (night?) you get to see the moon give off that kind of light but it still makes for a FANTASTIC shot!

  6. The last picture is gorgeous. I don’t think I’ve ever seen taillights blend so seamlessly. It makes me sad that I gave up photography so many years ago.

  7. did you just change the shutter speed to get that shot? I gotta say I’m getting tired of digital photography. there is just too much of it now. Every concert has a hundred kids with digis taking pics of the band. every bar has that gaggle of kids with the camera. etc. Its a shame cause its kinda taking away from true photography. Although, I did like the effect the moon had in your photo. well done.

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