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At about 6:00am, the Orange County Fire Authority announced that they suspect arson after learning that this fire had three points of origin. Sounds like they really don’t know yet. How sure do you think they are?

Well, here is my theory…

As I was driving around last night (Sunday) trying to get photos of the fires out here in Orange County, I noticed streaks of light in the sky. Prior to leaving the house last night, I had read about some meteor shower activity happening this weekend but I thought it was for Saturday night.

Seeing this, made me wonder if the meteor shower and the outbreak of fires were somehow related. Does anyone know if it is possible for a meteor shower to cause a fire? If so, isn’t it also possible for a meteor to break into multiple pieces as it burns through our atmosphere; causing three fires to start at about the same time, in a place like Santiago Canyon? Could any of this be possible? I don’t know. What do you think? If you have any insight into anything I have just mentioned, please share!


SoCal_Fire_Irvine_0003, originally uploaded by computer-Eyes.

I really wish these were just rain clouds

Smoke filled sky

Smoke filled sky, originally uploaded by computer-Eyes.

more shots of the smoke clouds caused by the Orange County fire

SoCal smoke from fire

SoCal_Fire_Irvine_0007, originally uploaded by computer-Eyes.

Sky looks engulfed in smoke

smokey air

smokey air, originally uploaded by computer-Eyes.

Smoke clouds quickly sweeping over Irvine