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You might want to read the previous articles before proceeding:
Part 1Need a Quicker way to backup DacEasy Data?
Part 2Choosing what DacEasy files to backup

are not familiar with running batch files in windows, please consider an alternative.

Create a new folder on your C:\ drive called dacBackup

Copy the following code into a new file called “dacBackup.cmd” and save it in the same folder:

:: First, I create a temporary directory to copy the data to.
md c:\dacBackup\DacEasy
:: Copy each of the individual modules from
:: their working directories to the temporary directory.
(xcopy C:\DacEasy\bc\profiles\DacEasyCompany1 C:\dacBackup\DacEasy\bc\profiles\DacEasyCompany1 /I /E /V /Y
xcopy C:\DacEasy\ac\DacEasyCompany1 C:\dacBackup\DacEasy\ac\DacEasyCompany1 /I /E /V /Y
xcopy C:\DacEasy\py\DacEasyCompany1 C:\dacBackup\DacEasy\py\DacEasyCompany1 /I /E /V /Y
xcopy C:\DacEasy\bc\profiles\DacEasyCompany2 C:\dacBackup\DacEasy\bc\profiles\DacEasyCompany2 /I /E /V /Y
xcopy C:\DacEasy\ac\DacEasyCompany2 C:\dacBackup\DacEasy\ac\DacEasyCompany2 /I /E /V /Y
xcopy C:\DacEasy\py\DacEasyCompany2 C:\dacBackup\DacEasy\py\DacEasyCompany2 /I /E /V /Y
) > C:\dacBackup\dacCopy.log
:: By enclosing the XCOPY commands in parenthesis, I
:: can create a single log file of every command within
:: the group. This logfile is created and saved as
:: “C:\dacBackup\dacCopy.log”
@echo off
:: Set Variables
set Today=%Date:~4,2%-%Date:~7,2%-%Date:~10,4%
set fileName=DacBackup
set dDay=%Date:~0,3%
set BackupFolder=C:\dacBackup
set BackupFile=%BackupFolder%\%fileName%(%dDay%)Full.bkf
set JobName=%Today% DacEasy Backup
set Description=DacEasy Backup %Today%
:: Back up Files and Shares
C:\windows\system32\ntbackup.exe backup “C:\dacBackup\DacEasy” /n “DacEasy Backup %Today%” /d “%Description%” /v:yes /r:no /rs:no /hc:off /m normal /j “%JobName%” /f “%BackupFile%”
:: Removes temporary directory
rd /S /Q c:\dacBackup\DacEasy

If you have trouble trying to copy and paste the code above, I have also provided the script for download in 2 different compressed file formats (ZIP and RAR):


This solution should work if people are logged in to DacEasy as long as they aren’t modifying any Employee Information, or running any Transactions.

The default installation directory for DacEasy is:

Each module that you use in DacEasy should be located in it’s own folder by default.

Default Module Locations:
Company Profile – C:\DacEasy\bc\profiles\
Accounting – C:\DacEasy\ac\
Payroll – C:\DacEasy\py\
Job Costing – C:\DacEasy\jc\
Order Entry – C:\DacEasy\oe\
Point of Sale – C:\DacEasy\ps\

If you need help finding where you installed the modules for your Company Data, check out “How To Find DacEasy Module Folder Paths

If you are using the default folders, you should be able to find individual company modules within each of the default folders by adding the name of the company profile to the end of each module path.


So you want to know how to backup DacEasy data automatically for multiple companies. I’m guessing that you also want to include more than one module for each company, for example: accounting, payroll and the company profile. I am also guessing that you would like to have this run daily or weekly according to the backup schedule in your company policies.

The good thing about DacEasy is that you don’t have to buy some complicated backup system that costs thousands of dollars. It already comes with a backup utility installed. The bad thing is it doesn’t work very well. You can set backup schedules but I have found it much quicker to do it manually. Also, if you have ever done the backup manually, you know how time consuming this can be; especially if you are doing it once a week or even worse, once a day.

Did you know that you can basically copy all of the data files from your DacEasy machine to another computer that is running DacEasy and it would work? Once I knew that I could copy the files, I decided to make a script runs backup consistently and completely automatic.

This guide will help you setup the backup of your data in DacEasy for multiple companies that will run automatically; without the need to go out and buy an expensive backup program.

Add Scheduled Task
  1. Click “Start”
    Click Start
  2. Click “Control Panel,” then “Scheduled Tasks,” then click “Add Scheduled Task”
    Add Scheduled Task Wizard
  3. Click Next
    Add Scheduled Task Wizard
  4. Click Browse
    Click Browse
  5. Select file you want to run
    Select file you want to run
  6. Name the scheduled task
    Name the scheduled task
  7. Select a Schedule
    Select a Schedule
  8. Type User Name to run the task
    Type User Name to run the task
  9. Add Scheduled Task Wizard Finished
    Add Scheduled Task Wizard Finished