Problems starting Spiceworks – Sent message to support

I installed the original Free IT management software, Spiceworks (version 1.0 i think) a few months ago. But I had trouble getting it to start up at first. Then, after some troubleshooting, I got it running (sorry for the lack of details, I did this a while ago). Then at some point it wouldn’t load anymore (once again, sorry for the lack of information. I wasn’t watching close enough to know what caused this). So then, I thought, if I upgraded to the newest version, it should fix any possible bugs and/or modify any services that might be affecting my computer.

Alas, to no avail. I just keep getting errors not being able to start Spiceworks. I have a feeling it is a service that isn’t set to run automatically. But I guess I am just not in the troubleshooting mood today. Anyways, I am sending the e-mail through the Spiceworks Uninstaller Feedback form to see how quickly they will respond. I will keep you updated. In the meantime, if you think you can help me get Spiceworks up and running, Let me know! Maybe you can help me figure out this annoying problem I am having.

Also, if you know of any other IT management systems that are reasonably priced, that would help too. I am currently evaluating a new system to be implemented very soon. So any input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance! Till next time!


  1. Jason,

    A couple of clarifications on your blog post. First, Spiceworks is not open source. It’s a free application, but the source code is not available.

    Sorry to hear that you had issues getting 1.0 to work correctly, hopefully those issues have been fixed in 1.5. However, because Spiceworks 1.5 uses a newer version of Rails, you won’t be able to do an auto upgrade. If you have data in your database that you want to retain, you can back it up via the following help document:

    After that, you’ll want to uninstall 1.0 and install 1.5 fresh. This should hopefully fix any issues you’ve had. If it doesn’t, please send us a note via support @ We do read the uninstaller emails, but we respond via support much faster.

  2. We would be happy to help you get Spiceworks running on your system; many possibilities exist as to why Spiceworks may not start. Please send an e-mail to ‘support at’ and include the Spiceworks log files. To create the log files run the ‘Spiceworks_Package.exe’, located in the C:\Program Files\Spiceworks directory, this program will zip up your log files into a file called ‘’. We look forward to helping you resolve your Spiceworks issues.

    Thank you,

    Spiceworks Support

  3. Thanks for the *VERY* quick reply! After uninstalling/re-installing, it worked immediately. Version 1.5 seems to be much quicker too!
    Also, now that I have you attention, I was hoping you could answer the following question:
    In your own words (please don’t copy the text from the Spiceworks website), if you could name 1 major feature that you would call impressive what would it be? It could be a new feature or a feature that has had a major improvement since version 1.
    Thanks in advance and thanks again for the quick reply!

  4. The major difference that you will see from the 1.0 version will the the Help Desk. Version 1.0 and previous versions focused on an easy to user, yet powerful Inventory application. In 1.5, we’ve expanded that ease of use to a first class Help Desk application.

    Like all other parts of the application, we’ve worked very hard to make common functions just work and to integrate data from the Inventory portion of the application into the Help Desk.

    We hope you enjoy it. Also, don’t forget to vote for your favorite features you’d like added in the Spiceworks Community.

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