Geeks do not have slow computers!

I used to pride myself on having one of the fastest computers of its time. For you fellow geeks out there…I will tell you the stats of my computer in a second.

I used to always compete with a neighbor (actually 2 neighbors), about who had the faster computer. Of course, at the time, it really depended on who had the parent with more money. But we never thought of it that way. Honestly, we thought that we were competing 1 on 1 on 1 with each other where we all had an even slate. Of course, after a while, 1 of us so-called geeks fell out of the race. But we didn’t realize until years had passed that the only geeks that we were competing with, were ourselves. Anyways, back to the story…

I can imagine that most geeks had some sort of competition as they grew up. To us, it was sort of a superiority complex that we all had to get over. If you have yet to get over it, then I feel sorry for you and your lack of friends.

As for my “super computer” here are the stats… (Don’t laugh)…

  • AMD Athlon XP 2100+ (1.7ghz)
  • PC3200 2GB DDR RAM (2x 1gb Dual Channel)
  • 160gb HD (2 80GB SATA150 on RAID 0-striped)
  • ASUS A7N8X Deluxe Mobo
  • Windows 2k3 Server

You should already get the picture. Now here’s the thing, my computer was running fine up until about Feb 2007. Then, all of a sudden, everything started to go haywire. There really wasn’t anything that could explain it. Maybe time was up for my computer or maybe it had a lot to do with Microsoft. Now, me being the paranoid conspiracy theorist that I am, I choose Microsoft. I think Intel and Microsoft had devised a plan to make sure that everyone had to go and upgrade to the latest and greatest systems right about then. They expected everyone to upgrade around this time considering Vista just came out,and Longhorn was about to be released.

Luckily, my 4-5 year old system was just a test system. Even though it couldn’t keep up, it really didn’t matter. Yeah, I know I can go ahead and install Windows XP and it would run fine for another 2-3 or more years. But it is old and needs to be replaced. It should have been replaced 2 and a half years ago (if not more). Here is where my dilemma begins.

If I am to move on to the next big technology, 64-bit computing, virtual machines, etc., I still need someone who can watch my back and cover all of the previous technology. Otherwise, I cannot let myself be completely engorged with the new information without being held back by something from the past. I need someone competent, who can take care of things while I am venturing into new territories. Yeah, I am over exaggerating a LOT (especially considering, the fact that we are already running virtual machines on 64-bit servers). But then again, this is just a story that I am writing for the fellow geeks out there who understand where I am coming from.

Geek facts: Do you remember the most memorable quote of all time that doesn’t exist by Bill Gates? “640K ought to be enough for anybody.”

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  1. I always want a faster computer! What’s the best way to get that and not spend a gajillion dollars?

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