Backup DacEasy data automatically for multiple companies 2

This solution should work if people are logged in to DacEasy as long as they aren’t modifying any Employee Information, or running any Transactions.

The default installation directory for DacEasy is:

Each module that you use in DacEasy should be located in it’s own folder by default.

Default Module Locations:
Company Profile – C:\DacEasy\bc\profiles\
Accounting – C:\DacEasy\ac\
Payroll – C:\DacEasy\py\
Job Costing – C:\DacEasy\jc\
Order Entry – C:\DacEasy\oe\
Point of Sale – C:\DacEasy\ps\

If you need help finding where you installed the modules for your Company Data, check out “How To Find DacEasy Module Folder Paths

If you are using the default folders, you should be able to find individual company modules within each of the default folders by adding the name of the company profile to the end of each module path.

For example, I am going to backup 2 sample businesses called “DacEasyCompany1” and “DacEasyCompany2.” Each of those companies use a Company Profile, the Accounting Module and the Payroll Module

Paths to my sample company modules:

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