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Add Scheduled Task
  1. Click “Start”
    Click Start
  2. Click “Control Panel,” then “Scheduled Tasks,” then click “Add Scheduled Task”
    Add Scheduled Task Wizard
  3. Click Next
    Add Scheduled Task Wizard
  4. Click Browse
    Click Browse
  5. Select file you want to run
    Select file you want to run
  6. Name the scheduled task
    Name the scheduled task
  7. Select a Schedule
    Select a Schedule
  8. Type User Name to run the task
    Type User Name to run the task
  9. Add Scheduled Task Wizard Finished
    Add Scheduled Task Wizard Finished
Find DacEasy Module Folder Paths

When you installed DacEasy, did you write down the installation path for each module? If not, don’t worry, it’s pretty easy to find.
Here, I will show you How To Find DacEasy Module Folder Paths in just 4 easy steps (Including screen shots).


Anyone who subscribes to my feed may notice old posts being updated. It is because I need to re-tag everything.

I decided to completely start over with the UTW plugin to see if it would fix the problems I have been having with my tags.

To start over, I deactivated the plugin and deleted the plugin folder.
Then I went into the MySQL database and deleted the tables that UTW makes along with some other entries that I noticed in one of the WordPress tables.

UTW Tables I deleted were:

  • wp_tags
  • wp_post2tag
  • wp_tag_synonyms

Since I had exported the tags to custom fields in WordPress, I had to delete those entries which resided in the “wp_postmeta” table.

So, cross your fingers and wish me luck. Here we go….

I really hope this fixes everything.


I have been trying to organize my categories in WordPress a little better so that you can find things easier and so I have less trouble trying to figure out which ones to use when I write new posts.

I originally started using my name (Jason Stone) as a category, thinking that it would help me rank higher for my name. At first, it worked. I used to be on the first page when you would type “Jason Stone”. I think Google’s filter decided it didn’t like that idea because my rank dropped to 99. The other categories I deleted were:

  • Web Server
  • Hot
  • Funny
  • Blogging

If you have trouble trying to find something, try looking in “Cluttered Thoughts
I Added the “Cluttered Thoughts” for when I am in a hurry or if I post some random stuff that doesn’t relate to my main topics. I have also added the “Coding” category to organize articles that contain full scripts or source code snippets in any coding language that I end up needing to use (examples: ASP, PHP, HTML, etc…)

I moved the Databases Category from:
Root > Computer > Software > Databases
Root > Databases

(This is the new location for “Databases“)

I moved the PHP category from:
Root > Computer > Software > PHP
Root > Coding > PHP

(This is the new location for “PHP“)