Added polls plugin to WordPress

If you ever read the WordPress News updates on the dashboard, you may have noticed a post from Weblog Tools Collection that many of the WordPress plugins on the GaMerZ website have been updated to work with WordPress 2.2. I was pretty excited to hear this news because they have so many useful plugins that I use. One of the plugins (wp-polls) lets you place polls directly on your blog. As people place votes, the answers get tallied and you get to view them on a graph.

I installed the plugin and setup the Poll Results Archive page. After reading the documentation, I just found out you can easily include specific polls in a post. Example code usage to add a poll to your post:

Should I show Twitter updates in my RSS feed?

View Results

Loading ... Loading ...

Easy huh? This is what it looks like:

Update Feb. 1, 2008:

I no longer have this plugin installed because I hardly ever used it.


  1. Thanks Jason!

  2. This is a smart plugin – thanks for letting us know about it.

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  4. This is a great plugin and I’ll download and try it on my blog.

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