Brave firefighters off to save the day

20071023_Orange_County_Fires__0981, originally uploaded by computer-Eyes.



  1. Great photo. Good lighting and colors. Don’t get too close to the fire. I’ve got ashes on my car here in Westminster, CA. Can’t smell the smoke as much as yesterday.

  2. it is a great can see the ash on the side of the truck. It’s a really sad situation but these men and women are so brave and important…and it’s especially true in times of crisis.

  3. This looks very similar to the scene we had up here in Santa Clarita. It was a horrible week. Evacuations, smoke filled lungs, ashes everywhere. Just terrible. Thanks for sharing the photos.

  4. Good picture. Something about the lighting or something makes it look surreal. Maybe it’s the smoky atmosphere.

  5. Good shots. Be careful where you are there.

  6. Nice photo, the fire truck looks likes old school. However, as long as it get the job done.

  7. Now that I like. Very “action shot”–not to mention very appropriate to the moment.

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