Foothill Ranch threatened by Orange County fire

Foothill ranch neighborhood threatened by Orange County fire, originally uploaded by computer-Eyes.

Orange County fire beginning to pose threat to the residents of Foothill Ranch neighborhood.

This was taken in October, a couple days after the Santiago Canyon (Orange County) fire was started.


  1. Now this is a dramatic image! Excellent capture!

  2. What a great photo! You can see the fire coming towards the homes.

  3. Great shot, but kinda risky, man. Got to be careful with these dangerous shots.

  4. Have been following your blog for quite some time and noticed the pictures you took are so impressive that i got to post my comments here. Great work dude.

  5. Nice grab..Its a shame people in Cali have to deal with those fires but i image it opens the door to a lot of great photo opts…Tragedies seem to bring out some great photos..

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