Daybreak – Photograph of University Tower at Dawn

This photograph was taken pretty early in the morning before anyone got to the office. This is one of the first shots I took with my Tamron 17-50mm f/2.8 Wide Angle Lens.

Daybreak :: Early morning at the office


  1. The title could use some work but the picture is quite nice.

  2. rofl, I kinda think the title is refreshing…and yes the picture is unlike anything I’ve seen; looks great.

  3. thanks for the comments. I must have had a brainfart when I originally titled this photo because it was taken in the morning (dawn)…not dusk.

  4. This is something unreal. I couldn’t believe this is a photo, not a drawing… Fantastic!

  5. The sky and the colors in your photograph are amazing! It is beautiful!

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