Buildings and Freeways in Orange County

Lately I’ve been going out early mornings to get new photos, so if you have noticed some random guy with a tripod and a big camera around Orange County, it just might be me. I still haven’t decided on what to title each of these photos and I am always open to new suggestions.

Early morning commute :: 57 Freeway
Freeways :: Near John Wayne Airport
Office buildings :: Fashion Island in Newport Beach

What would you title these photographs? If you have any suggestions, leave a comment. If I think it’s good, I will re-title the photo and include a link back to your blog. Don’t forget to mention which photograph you are referring to when leaving your suggestions.


  1. I like you photos. I own a cleaning company in Orange County and would like to see if you have any photos of the area at night so I can incorporate them into my marketing materials.

    Please let me know.


  2. i think by JFK, you meant John Wayne.

    but for that picture, i have a good name for it, but it’s on the tip of my tongue and i can’t put it into a word yet. I’ll write back with my answer.

  3. Good catch. I have a habit of messing up on titles. Thanks for the correction.

  4. Jason, these are awesome. We’re from that area but have never seen it quite this way. It’s beautiful in all of it’s chaos…… we moved to small town Texas to escape it. =)

    You’re photography is amazing!!!

  5. Nice shot man…I do a lil photography myself, mostly automotive…I try to get out from time to time just to do some freelance stuff around the city but i dont always find the time…Not enough hours in a day…Either way though, nice work…Ill be checking out your shots and everything else you have to offer.


  6. I really like the first pic, the car lights look really cool.

  7. 1. First picture names:
    57 rush hour blitz
    Morning Brea

    2. Why aliens go to cow pastures (looks like small spotlight in parking lot at bottom right)

    3. cool pic but have no title….really clean parking lot?? That probably doesn’t count…

  8. I really love your pictures. They capture the beauty that we take for granted around the fast-paced lifestyle that we all wrap ourselves in.

  9. Love the photos! I can see why you’d want to do that more than IT stuff…

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