The Graff Lab in Los Angeles

This past weekend, I spent some time at The Graff Lab in Los Angeles with a couple friends, my camera and boxes full of paint. While they threw up their pieces, I worked on my tan and took photos of them throughout the process.

The Graff Lab :: Odra & AL The Graff Lab :: Odra The Graff Lab :: AL The Graff Lab :: Odra & AL

When they were done, I had the chance to go around and take photos of the art that was up on the walls, floors, pretty much everything.

The Graff Lab The Graff Lab

If you have never been here before, this place is pretty big and their is a great idea behind it. Basically, when we walked in, there was a sign in sheet and a donation to get some wall space and you are good to go. They even had a covered area where people were showing off their b-boy skills.

The Graff Lab :: Ghostbusters The Graff Lab :: The spot

Quoted by my friend Al, “The Graff Lab is a place where artists can come together or by themselves to express their art without having to worry about the cops or gangsters interrupting, stealing paint or even getting jumped just for being a writer.”

The Graff Lab :: AL | B-Boy

If you can’t figure out where this is, here isThe Graff Lab on a map.

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