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I used to pride myself on having one of the fastest computers of its time. For you fellow geeks out there…I will tell you the stats of my computer in a second.

I used to always compete with a neighbor (actually 2 neighbors), about who had the faster computer. Of course, at the time, it really depended on who had the parent with more money. But we never thought of it that way. Honestly, we thought that we were competing 1 on 1 on 1 with each other where we all had an even slate. Of course, after a while, 1 of us so-called geeks fell out of the race. But we didn’t realize until years had passed that the only geeks that we were competing with, were ourselves. Anyways, back to the story…

I can imagine that most geeks had some sort of competition as they grew up. To us, it was sort of a superiority complex that we all had to get over. If you have yet to get over it, then I feel sorry for you and your lack of friends.


A post I read a while back has left me pondering, would anyone want to buy Every once in a while, I take a look to see if I even come up anymore when I run a search on Jason Stone. A couple months ago, if you did a search on the name “Jason Stone” you would have seen Cluttered Thoughts (which is what I originally called my blog) and the blog of a Windsurfer. It looks like I have completely disappeared off of the face of the search engine (not quite, on Google, I still come up as number 100), but it also looks like hundreds of other people with the name Jason Stone have popped up out of nowhere. You could probably find a Jason Stone in every industry.

Matt Cutts gets hacked and Google offers free Wireless Internet!

Earlier today, I saw a post saying that Matt Cutts’ blog got hacked. I checked it out and sure enough:

Matt Cutts Gets Hacked

Matt Cutts Gets Hacked2

(Dark SEO and Matt Cutts supposedly don’t get along. I guess I have’t been following long enought to know much of the details on this.)


I was checking my inbound links on Technorati today and I noticed that it said my blog was “Updated: Ago”
Here is a screenshot:

Technorati Updated Ago

Looks like the update counter at Technorati is on the fritz.


I’m writing this from my Palm Treo on the website because my power decided to go on and off a couple times and i’ve been too lazy to get a new UPS. I wouldn’t recommend viewing wordpress using a Palm Treo. I haven’t had the chance to setup the e-mail feature yet. Anyways, the power is on right now but I am afraid that it will turn off again and maybe destroy a sector on my RAID array. It has been quite windy in Irvine lately. The wind may have something to do with the power glitch. But for now, I need to get my car out of the garage so I can get to work if something goes wrong with the power again.