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If you ever read the WordPress News updates on the dashboard, you may have noticed a post from Weblog Tools Collection that many of the WordPress plugins on the GaMerZ website have been updated to work with WordPress 2.2. I was pretty excited to hear this news because they have so many useful plugins that I use. One of the plugins (wp-polls) lets you place polls directly on your blog. As people place votes, the answers get tallied and you get to view them on a graph.

I installed the plugin and setup the Poll Results Archive page. After reading the documentation, I just found out you can easily include specific polls in a post. Example code usage to add a poll to your post:

Should I show Twitter updates in my RSS feed?

View Results

Loading ... Loading ...

Easy huh? This is what it looks like:

Update Feb. 1, 2008:

I no longer have this plugin installed because I hardly ever used it.


One of my clients had a power disruption to some mission-critical hardware the other day; things including the entire phone system and internet connection.

I guess the UPS that the telephone system and router are plugged into decided to crap out. The good thing was that it wasn’t during business hours. The bad thing was that the phone system was plugged in to the same UPS, which means that if anyone tried to fax something to the office, and it wouldn’t have gone through. Did I mention they get about 600 important faxes a week?

The weird part about this whole thing was, I didn’t know that anything happened, but, for some reason I decided to go to the office to check on things at about 11:00pm EST (I am using Eastern Time because that is the time-zone that is showing in the screen shot below). After fixing the problem (I just bypassed the UPS until we can get a replacement), I checked the logs from the Line Monitor that I set up at Broadband Reports and it was unreachable from 2007-02-08 22:52:46 EST – 2007-02-09 00:02:55 EST (70 minutes). Here is a screen shot of one of the graphs:

Server uptime graph

If I didn’t happen to come to the office, no one would have found out until someone tried to make a call out, or even worse, realized that there were 100+ faxes that didn’t come through. If I was using the paid monitoring service at the time, I would have received an email telling me that the connection was down. Their line monitoring service is a very useful tool to have in situations like this.